Car Owners

I specialise in creating bespoke images of cars.

In simple terms, I take some photographs of your car, using a professional camera/lens, tripod and filter set-up. I blend the best image of your car with a number of other images to define the mood that you would like your car to be set in. This involves for example, the use of dramatic skies, fog/mist, sillhouetted cityscapes, rugged landscapes etc. If you have an idea, I can work from that, or if you want me to give you some ideas, we can do it that way too.

I have also worked as a photographer in the modeling industry, and I can arrange for a model to be included in the shoot - styled to suit your vintage car if you wish, posing next to, in or on your car - the possibilities are endless! Let me know what you want.

Once the post production work is complete, I will have the image printed by a professional print lab, on traditional or contemporary media, ready for you to hang on a wall.


Images in the slideshow are some examples of finished products, and in the before and after gallery, you can see how the image first started.


Prestige Car Showrooms


I am looking for prestige car dealers to work with.

If you think that the product I'm offering will appeal to any of your customers, I would be happy to come to your showroom to discuss how we can make it happen, in a way that is mutually beneficial.